Jordanian Sweets and Treats

Nikki Pivaro, a recent graduate from California State University, Long Beach, participated in both sessions of Intensive Arabic during the summer of 2011 in Amman, Jordan. In this brief post, she describes her indecision over which delicious Jordanian dessert to eat that night. This was originally posted on her blog on August 6, 2011.

So.  About 3 times a week I go through a predicament where I can not decide whether to get delicious kunafa, or delicious ice cream from the bakery near my house.  Better kunafa is available about 3 blocks down, but no one will ever walk with me to get it.  I think it’s time to stop being lazy and set out to the better kunafa bakery.  Kunafa is some sort of cheesey-goodness covered in some sort of fried crispys, covered in some sort of sugar-syrupy goodness and top with tiny pistachio dust.  Its served warm and the cheese can be soft and melted completely like the photo above, or a little firmer.  The firmer kunafa has some unidentified crispy topping thats a little different.

Delicious Kunafa



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