Vegetable Market

Corey Reis, graduate of the School of Law at New York University, participated in both sessions of the Summer 2011 Intensive Arabic program in Amman, Jordan. In this post, Corey depicts his day in the fruits and vegetables market in downtown Amman. His pictures are wonderful! Originally posted by Corey on July 3, 2011.


In Islamic countries, the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday.  On Friday, June 24, Sahel, Chris and I walked from our home in Amman’s Abdali neighborhood to the old downtown section of Amman, which the locals call “ال بلد” (“al-Balad, which also means “the country”).  
***As background*** 
  • Amman is a city built on, and between, hills (originally seven, but now many more, perhaps 19 or 20).  The better neighborhoods are located on the hills located west of al-Balad.  
  • Running roughly from Al-Balad westward is Zahran Street, a major thoroughfare.  Along Zahran Street are eight traffic circles, which the locals call by their number from east to west (e.g., 1st Circle is the furthest east at the eastern end of Zahran Street, and 8th Circle is at the western end of Zahran Street, past the airport connection road).  
  • Abdali, my neighborhood, is located just west of 3rd Circle, near the national police headquarters and Qasr Aadil (the “Justice Palace”, where the appellate courts are located).
Here are some pics:

King Abdullah mosque


Souq Abdali

Souq Abdali (Abdali market) – a flea market/bazaar at the eastern end of Abdali that sells mostly clothing, and according to apocrypha, vegetables.

At the Vegetable Market

 In Wast al-Balad, we ran our errand for the day – visiting the local vegetable market and buying some خضروات (“khudrawaat” – vegetables) for dinner.  Our host grandma was going to cook us some stuffed zucchini and stuffed grape leaves.

At the Vegetable Market


Pickles and Cheese at the market



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