Reflections on Egypt Learn & Serve – Summer 2012

Haniyyah Taufique, a student of Psychology and Arabic at the Georgia State University, participated on AMIDEAST’s Learn & Serve summer 2012 program in Cairo, Egypt. In her following photo essay, she recounts some of her more memorable experiences of the program.

This is a picture of the view from the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria, Egypt. The window is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A few hundred years ago soldiers would use this window to keep a lookout on the sea for other ships. You can’t really see in the picture but people have carved words into the stone of the window. Mostly it’s the word “Allah” in Arabic, but some have also carved their names. This is just one of the many beautiful views you see in Egypt!

This is a picture of graffiti on a wall of the American University of Cairo on Mohamed Mahmoud street. This area saw the fiercest street battles between revolutionaries, protesting military rule, and security forces last November. It has become a memorial to the martyrs of the revolution. The faces in green are all martyrs of the revolution. Artists painted 75 different martyrs over a span of two weeks. They have been painted over by different things as the focus of the revolution has shifted to the elections. The art on this wall and the one across the street is constantly being changed and redone by different artists.

This is a picture of the sunset in the White Desert where we got to camp for a night. We actually got to sleep completely out in the open in an area that looked like no human had ever been to before (if you disregarded the Jeep tracks everywhere). This desert is a hidden treasure in Egypt; not many Egyptians know about it. It’s a beautiful place with huge white rocks everywhere that take all different shapes. The rock to the left of the picture was appropriately named Cupcake rock by our group.

This last picture is of almost a complete group shot. It’s missing Alecia, who left a week early to go to an Amideast program in Jordan, and Dr. Kathy, our CBL class professor. The people in the picture are (from left to right) Matthew, the program director, Ahmed, the program specialist, Ashley, Haniyyah, Natalie, Kristina, Kyle and Ashraf, our amazing Arabic teacher. This was taken on our goodbye party on a yacht on the Nile a day before we left Cairo.


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