Party Time!

Ryan Anderson, a student at American University in Washington, DC,  is a participant in AMIDEAST’s Area & Arabic Language Studies program in Rabat, Morocco during the Fall 2012 semester. In this post, she describes the mock Moroccan wedding event held by AMIDEAST and reflects on her host family.

So Tuesday was the mock wedding, and our happy couple was elected to be Tom and Elena. It really could not have been a better pairing- both of them not only look good in pictures, but they both have a great sense of humor and chemistry that made the wedding go off with really high spirits. Which was just what everyone needed, since a lot of us had been having bad days. (Namely, me and Jessa. The Wedding cheered us right up!)

Now, you’d think this would be all silly. But our host mom enjoyed this as much as we did, and since the wedding was in the afternoon and all the menfolk in our house were gone, we Bennis girls played dress-up. Bouchra gave us shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc, and had as much fun dressing us as we did dressing like Moroccans. She even sprayed us with perfume.

It didn’t end there, however. She decided that we hadn’t put enough make up on- Rachel and I are both fans of simple, natural, barely there makeup styles. But nope, we were going to a Moroccan wedding, so doggone it, we were gonna have Moroccan makeup! So out came the glitter eyeliner. Yep. Glitter eyeliner got used on me. And apparently I kept smudging it when I blinked, because Bouchra gave up and painted my whole eyelid with it. We both got some fierce eyebrows (which were decidedly more noticable on my strawberry blonde roomie,) blush, etc.
And we looked… well the only word that comes to mind is fabulous. And the wedding was a blast because Bouchra was there with us, and Mamoun even came later. (Seriously, everyone loves Mamoun).
So that day was Bouchra’s birthday as well. Rachel and I had picked her up a fruit tart as a present from us, and after dinner, we got re-dressed Moroccan style, brought out the cake, and 3 different cameras for a photoshoot. And what a photoshoot it was. Photos with Mom, with Dad, with the Brothers, with all the Kids, with both parents… we went a little camera happy. Including our normal Bennis-family-camera-face. My favorite moment was Saleh wanting to take a picture with myself and Rachel, and pulling us in close. Bouchra stood up, and he said “La.” And then essentially “just me and my girls.” It was cute.
All the photos came out great, but my favorite part of the night was uploading them all. Looking at the difference between how we took pictures with them then (awkward space between us for the win), and how we take pictures now, as if we all actually like each other, is astounding.

See? Awkward Spaces.

No Awkward Spaces!

It’s nice to have a second family. (No offense, Family #1)


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