Reflection on Morocco Spring 2013 in Photos

This post was submitted by Laura Kauer, a student at American University in Washington, DC and a participant in AMIDEAST’s spring 2013 Area & Arabic Language Studies Program in Rabat, Morocco. In addition to  reflecting on her semester abroad, Laura uses photography to describe her most memorable aspects of Morocco.

Once of the first trips I took outside of Rabat was to the sleepy beach town of Asilah. During the summer it is the chosen spot for European tourists and artists; but in the winter, it was a completely different experience as we walked through the half empty medina. We walked through its blue and white streets marveling at the infinite shades of blue and green of the doors and windows. Later in the night, I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets on the beach and saw the water slowly take on all the hues of blue and green that I had seen that day in Asilah’s streets.

mirrors Laura Kauer 1

Traveling around all of Morocco’s very different cities and town was definitely one of the greatest aspects of my study abroad experience but staying in Rabat was never boring either. On one weekend close to Rabat’s old Kasbah, Oudaya, an independent group of artists set up a free fire festival.  As night fell, the different fire statues and exhibition glowed next to the ancient citadels and reflected in the nearby river. The view was something out of a medieval story book and meeting my Moroccan and American friends there transformed that night in one of my fondest memories.

firefestival Laura Kauer 2
Volubilis an ancient Roman capital is situated on the top of the greenest hill and even though there are only ruins left still has a feeling of grandeur and carefully laid out beauty it must have epitomized when it was first built. I wish I could have stayed longer but enjoyed taking pictures of fellow students (like Brianna in this picture) in their bright outfits contrasting with the white ruins and impossibly blue skies. Behind her, you can see a nest of storks which was a pretty faithful presence in all the ruins we visited across Morocco.

volubilis Laura Kauer 3



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2 responses to “Reflection on Morocco Spring 2013 in Photos

  1. Great pictures. I’m heading to Morocco in September, any tips for me as a woman in Morocco?

    • Just make sure to travel with a buddy is usually good advice whether you’re female or male to have more people around on your side can deter thieves and/or potential threats.

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