Reflection on Jordan Fall 2013 in Photos

The following post was submitted by Fall 2013 participant Marjahn Goodman. A student at University of Mary Washington, Marjahn spent her fall semester on AMIDEAST Education Abroad’s Area & Arabic Language Studies Program in Amman, Jordan. Here, she reflects on her semester in Jordan via pictures taken while abroad.

Finding Peace Abroad

goodman 1

Being abroad is an unbelievable experience and adjusting can take time. Every week I would try to explore Jordan to learn from the historical sites and the local people. One of the most amazing places in Amman is the Roman Amphitheater located downtown, the heart of the city. Visiting the sight is amazing because you are surrounded by the Jordanian culture reserved in downtown Amman. It is a great place to sit to write, relax, meet new people and explore.


goodman 2

The art of barging is essential to learn while abroad. This task always put my Arabic language skills to the test. I was always able to get great deals on clothes, trinkets and gifts. Barging is a great and fun experience that all should experience.



goodman 3

In this picture I am standing in front of the famous Treasury build by the Nabataeans in Petra. Jordan is filled with many historical and beautiful sites to visit. There are many opportunities to learn beyond the classrooms. AMIDEAST offers several excursions, which allow students to become better familiarized with the country.



goodman 4

The thobe is a traditional garment worn throughout the Middle East. Typically this garment is hand embroidered and each pattern represents a different tribe or area. Most people wear elaborately designed thobes for special occasions and events.

I wore this particular thobe to the AMIDEAST farewell dinner.


Giving back

goodman 5

AMIDEAST gave me the opportunity to intern at a Jordanian organization where I was able to learn about the culture of working in the Middle East while helping others. My internship allowed me to visit a Bedouin camp located about three hours outside of Amman, Jordan. I helped conduct a census and interviewed and interacted with the local women and children to see their views on having solar energy used to power their homes. This rare experience was very rewarding and eye opening, being able to enter the homes of a secluded population and learn from them.

In this picture I am standing with some of the children from the Bedouin village in Rewashed, Jordan.





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