The Perfect Portrait of Ancient Meeting Modern – Jordan in Photos

Lawrence Sinkewich, a student from the University of Cincinnati, studied with AMIDEAST/Jordan during the Summer of 2014.  This photo blog highlights some of Jordan’s most beautiful sites.


Photo #1: Roman Citadel ruins in downtown Amman.

The first few days in a new country can be quite overwhelming with all of the surrounding amazement and unfamiliarity. A new culture, lifestyle, and friends all at once are what awaited me upon arrival in Jordan. After the first day of class, Amideast took all of us on an excellent tour of Amman, the capitol city of Jordan. At the very heart of the city stands a testament to humanity’s past: a temple to Hercules and a citadel built by the Roman Empire. Atop the hill, one can see the perfect portrait of ancient meeting modern that is Amman. From the powerful roman amphitheater and Umayyad Mosque to the wide avenues of bustling traffic and trendy shopping malls, Amman features a beautiful display of the many eras in time.


Photo #2: Classmate, Nick Szappanos, enjoying sunset at Wadi Rum.

The absolute highlight of my trip to Jordan was the time spent in Wadi Rum. This vast desert landscape left me speechless for its beauty was incomprehensible. It is truly amazing how much life can come from a barren land such as this. There was nothing better than unplugging from school work, cell phones, and daily life in the quiet serenity of the desert night.


Photo #3: Petra through the valley.

The lost city of Petra is definitely a special kind of place that one could stare at for hours and still feel like they need to keep looking. The ancient ruins and craftsmanship of Petra reveal a splendor and awe that isn’t typical of seeing on a daily basis. It is easy to understand why this UNESCO site is Jordan’s pride and joy. From riding camels down the main street to climbing up a steep mountain to the archaeological wonder that is the monastery, Petra is a must see site, not only for those visiting Jordan, but for anyone who is seeking an unforgettable adventure.

All photos by Lawrence Sinkewich.


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