Reflecting on Morocco – Fall 2014

A student of Cross-Cultural Justice at American University in Washington, D.C., Lucette Moran recently returned from her Fall 2014 AMIDEAST program in Morocco. Participating on the Area & Arabic Language Studies Program, Lucette shares some of her favorite moments of Morocco.

Mo_1_Lucette Moran

Rabat, Morocco

This picture was taken at sunset during my first few weeks in Rabat. Living in Hay L’Ocean, I was able to stroll along the beach after classes with enough time before dark, and I tried to take advantage of it throughout the warmer weather. The power of the change of tides on the rocky coast of Rabat will be forever seared into my memory, even back on the east coast of the United States, staring back at the endless Atlantic Ocean.

Merzouga, Morocco

Merzouga, Morocco

One of the longest weekends of the semester was spent traveling to and from the Sahara Desert. After a train, an overnight bus ride, lots of napping, and an hour and a half camel ride, we arrived at our campsite. Our friendly guides served us delicious tajine for dinner, and played music with us. Late that evening, we counted shooting stars (nine!) and gazed at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy until it was too cold to feel our fingers.

Tangier, Morocco

Tangier, Morocco

Almost by accident, we stumbled across Café Hafa on the Strait of Gibraltar. The faded landmass in the distance is Spain, just across the water. The Café is known for its tall glasses of super sweet mint tea, as well as its long list of famous customers who have often sat at the sloped café to write or talk. After several hours of watching the people and view, I finally understood it. I happened to be experiencing several weeks of writer’s block, and suddenly, the gates flew open. I rushed back to the hotel immediately so I could write down my thoughts! Perhaps in the future, when I’m stuck, I’ll just imagine the waves at the tip of Tangier.


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