Congratulations to our Fall 2016 Direct Enrollment at Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane Blog Abroad Correspondent – Sabrina Slipchenko! Sabrina is a junior at the Temple University, where she is pursuing a major in philosophy with  minor in visual anthropology. We encourage you to follow along with her adventures throughout the semester!

Follow the AUI blog here.

Past Correspondents

Eleanor Easton – Fall 2012, University of Chicago

Photo for site - Easton, EleanorEntry 1: Introducing Eleanor Easton
Entry 2: Ramadan in Morocco
Entry 3: Hidden Treasures of Morocco: Tarmilat
Entry 4: A Work in Progress
Entry 5: Creating Understanding
Entry 6: Home Away from Home
Entry 7: From Holidays to Politics
Entry 8: Something to Aspire To
Entry 9: Living on Moroccan Time


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