Congratulations to AMIDEAST’s Fall 2016 Area and Arabic Language Studies – Amman, Jordan Blog Abroad Correspondents, McKinley Knoop and Monica Weller! McKinley is a student of History and Middle East Studies at Dickinson College. Monica is a student from Knox College majoring in International Relations.

Follow along with their adventures here.

Past Correspondents

Spring 2016: Andrea Lau, Case Western Reserve University

Blog Correspondent Prof Pic - Andrea Lau cropped resizeEntry 1: Introducing Andrea Lau
Entry 2: Painting with the Palette of an Open Mind
Entry 3: How to Cross a Street in Amman
Entry 4: When Eating with your Hands is Required
Entry 5: On Campfires, Constellations, and Camels: A Day in Jordan’s Deserts
Entry 6: Reverse Culture Shock? Lessons from a Spring Break in Europe
Entry 7: Finding Secondhand Treasures Under the Stars
Entry 8: An Introduction to Arab-lish 101
Entry 9: Amidst New Places and New Foods, Learning Things about Myself
Entry 10: How to Answer the Question “How Was Study Abroad?”

Spring 2016: Julia Schryver, Boston University

Profile Photo - Julia Schryver_croppedEntry 1: Introducing Julia Schryver
Entry 2: Wait no Camels? When Culture Shock isn’t so Obvious
Entry 3: On Host Families and Competitive Eating
Entry 4: Islamic Art: Rotating Perspectives
Entry 5: Southern Excursion: Day 2 Petra
Entry 6: Spring Break: Break from Class, Not Arabic
Entry 7: Community-Based Learning
Entry 8: Goodbyes and Ma’a Salamas
Entry 9:Final Reflection… For Now

Fall 2015: Yunqi (Val) Yang, St. Olaf College

Profile Picture - Yang, YunqiEntry 1: Introducing Val Yang
Entry 2: Food Adventure in Amman
Entry 3: My New Home
Entry 4: My Free Time in Jordan
Entry 5: International Student
Entry 6: My Friend Mjdoleen
Entry 7: Under the Stars
Entry 8: Being an Arabic Learning Enthusiast
Entry 9: Eat, Pray, Coffee, and Love
Entry 10: Reflection

Fall 2015: Chloe Briney, Grinnell College

Profile Picture - Briney, Chloe FINALEntry 1: Introducing Chloe Briney
Entry 2: There are McDonald’s here… and they Deliver
Entry 3: Living in Tla’a al-A’ali
Entry 4: My Weekend Beach Vacation
Entry 5: The Food here Makes me Want to Learn How to Cook!
Entry 6: Insider or Outsider?
Entry 7: Wadi Rum and Petra
Entry 8: Learning Arabic in Amman
Entry 9: Life-Changing Experience?
Entry 10: My Final Reflections

Spring 2015: Alisha Olson, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Profile Photo - Olson, AlishaEntry 1: Introducing Alisha Olson
Entry 2: Souvenirs and Jordanian Cheeseburgers
Entry 3: It was Love at First Bite!
Entry 4: Brrr…
Entry 5: Tomato Races and Conversation Skills
Entry 6: Spring Break in the Desert
Entry 7: A Week in the Life of Alisha
Entry 8: Jordan is my Stepping-Stone
Entry 9: A Glimpse of the Other Side
Entry 10: Closing the Chapter

Spring 2015: Sam Northrup, University of Kentucky

Headshot-FINAL - Northrup, Samuel2Entry 1: Introducing Sam Northrup
Entry 2: Beyond Tourism: Life in Jordan
Entry 3: Patriotism in the Levant
Entry 4: Learning More than Arabic
Entry 5: My Program Coming to a Close
Entry 6: A Friend from Zarqa
Entry 7: The Quiet Insight of Cafe Culture
Entry 8: Four More Weeks
Entry 9: Last Blog Post from Jordan
Entry 10: Reflection on an Academic Year in Jordan

Fall 2014: Charlotte Sheridan, University of Alabama

Profile Photo - Sheridan, Charlotte_croppedEntry 1: Introducing Charlotte Sheridan
Entry 2: American in Amman
Entry 3: Jordanian Expectations
Entry 4: Working on my Sophomore 15
Entry 5: DC to Amman to Delhi to…?
Entry 6: Home Away from Home
Entry 7: Exploring Amman
Entry 8: Becoming a Regular
Entry 9: Ten Things to Expect in Jordan
Entry 10: See you Later, Jordan!

Fall 2014: Jordan Laurila, University of Georgia

Profile picture - Laurila, Jordan_croppedEntry 1: Introducing Jordan Laurila
Entry 2: One Step at a Time, One Victory at a Time
Entry 3: When Jordan Met Jordan
Entry 4: The Children Shouted the Loudest
Entry 5: Travel Light
Entry 6: Jordan: There’s Something in the Air
Entry 7: Travel the World, Conquer the World
Entry 8: Jordan’s Adventures in Jordan
Entry 9: Top Things Not to Do in Jordan
Entry 10: The Last Love Letter to Jordan

Fall 2014: Nora Kane, Beloit College

NoraKaneEntry 1: Introducing Nora Kane
Entry 2: First Impressions
Entry 3: Drawing it Out
Entry 4: Maashi Bisur3a
Entry 5: Holiday Happenings
Entry 6: Water Worries
Entry 7: Class in the Kitchen
Entry 8: Disappointments and Successes
Entry 9: Top Things to Do in Jordan
Entry 10: Home Again

Spring 2014: Heather Rounds, Syracuse University

Photo for Blog - Rounds, HeatherWe are excited to feature Spring 2014 Blog Abroad Correspondent, Heather Rounds! A student of Magazine and Middle Eastern Studies at Syracuse University, the AMIDEAST program in Jordan was her first experience abroad.

Entry 1: Introducing Heather Rounds
Entry 2: Just a Glimpse
Entry 3: An Insider for a Moment
Entry 4: Tapestry of Nationalities
Entry 5: Midway Resolutions
Entry 6: Home
Entry 7: Fat and Happy
Entry 8: Beyond Amman: Wadi Rum and Petra
Entry 9: Last Days
Entry 10: The Journey Continues

Fall 2013: Jack Hoover, Williams College

Profile Picture - Hoover, JackJack joined us in Jordan as a junior at Williams College studying for a major in Arabic and minor in American Foreign Policy. His semester with AMIDEAST was his third time studying abroad, with his prior two study abroad trips taking him to Costa Rica and Germany.

Entry 1: Introducing Jack Hoover
Entry 2: A Student Runs on his Stomach
Entry 3: Why Study Abroad?
Entry 4: A Healthier Pace
Entry 5: Just Remember, There is no Boredom
Entry 6: A Different World
Entry 7: On the Outside Looking in
Entry 8: Ask for People’s Stories!
Entry 9: Wins and Losses
Entry 10: What’s Next?

Spring 2013: Anna Kassab, St. Lawrence University

Photo for Blog - Kassab, Anna

Anna studied in Amman during her junior year at St. Lawrence University. A double major in Government and Global Studies, Anna was also on the volleyball team and an active participant in many extracurricular activities at St. Lawrence.

Entry 1:  Introducing Anna Kassab
Entry 2: Surviving in Amman
Entry 3: Adventuring Around Jordan
Entry4: Who Do you Call Family?
Entry5: “Food Culture” in Jordan
Entry 6: Traditional Islamic Art with Hana
Entry 7: Jabal al Qala’a
Entry 8: Volleyball at Sports City
Entry 9: Two Weeks! What!?
Entry 10:  Bittersweet

Fall 2012: Elena Makansi, Oberlin College

 Elena studied in Jordan during her junior year at Oberlin, where she was pursuing a degree in environmental science. When she’s not working or studying, you can find her reading, writing fiction, hiking, or playing Legend of Zelda.

Entry 1: Introducing Elena Makansi
Entry 2: Funny Places
Entry 3: Bukra, Inshallah
Entry 4: Zaki Kteer
Entry 5: There are Camels on Mars!
Entry 6: Death of an Oasis: Water Scarcity in Jordan
Entry 7: Jabal al Weibdeh
Entry 8: Home & Self
  Entry 9: 100% From Natural Ingredients
  Entry 10: Hope Springs Eternal


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