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Past Correspondents

Spring 2016: Shante Fencl, American University

Profile Photo - Fencl, Shante_croppedEntry 1: Introducing Shante Fencl
Entry 2: The Emotional Rollercoaster
Entry 3: Strangers on a Train
Entry 4: Do you know the Word for Balloon?
Entry 5: From Snow Fall to Waterfall
Entry 6: Adventures in my “Hometown”
Entry 7: It’s Time for a Wedding
Entry 8: Oh Yeah: It’s the Desert Post!
Entry 9: That’s a Wrap!

Spring 2016: Elyse Desrochers, Catholic University of America

Amideast Blog Photo - Elyse DeroschersEntry 1: Introducing Elyse Desrochers
Entry 2: First Impressions of Rabat
Entry 3: You’re Catholic, Right?
Entry 4: Cultural Dialogues, and When that Fails, Soccer
Entry 5: Rabat: City of…
Entry 6: Trams and Donkeys
Entry 7: Relearning Table Etiquette
Entry 8: Finding the Corner of the World in Zaouiat Ahansal
Entry 9: Community-Based Learning in Morocco
Entry 10: Can I get you something?

Fall 2015: Mika Chmielewski, Carleton College

Profile Picture - Chmielewski, MikaMika, a student of Physics and Arabic at Carleton College, studied abroad with AMIDEAST in Rabat during her junior year.

Entry 1: Introducing Mika Chmielewski
Entry 2: Discovering Rabat
Entry 3: Navigating New Situations
Entry 4: Moroccan Time
Entry 5: Breakfast with a Stranger
Entry 6: Leaving my Comfort Zone
Entry 7: The Language of the Hour
Entry 8: New Shoes: Bargaining in Fes
Entry 9: Four Months Later
Entry 10: The Final Countdown

Spring 2015: Andrew Hannah, Princeton University

Profile Picture - Andrew HannaAndrew, a student of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, studied with AMIDEAST in Rabat during his junior year.

Entry 1: Introducing Andrew Hanna
Entry 2: A Word of Advice
Entry 3: The Subtle Art of Negotiation
Entry 4: “Hello.”
Entry 5: Walking on Water

Entry 6: Hangry in Asilah
Entry 7: So, Why Would Somebody Live Here?
Entry 8: Muslimeen or Misreen?
Entry 9: Singing in Chefchaouen
Entry 10: The Next Step

Fall 2014: Katie Lamb, Brown University

Profile Photo - Lamb, Katherine_croppedKatie, a student of International Relations at Brown University, studied with AMIDEAST in Rabat during her sophomore year.

Entry 1: Introducing Katie Lamb
Entry 2: Relishing Rabat: Our First Encounters
Entry 3: Soaking it all in: Cultural Encounters at the Hammam
Entry 4: Taking the Corner in Zawiyat-Ahansal
Entry 5: Moroccan Hospitality and North Africa’s Tallest Mountain
Entry 6: Host Family Life and a Home Away from Home
Entry 7: Moroccan Markets and Shopping at the Souq
Entry 8: Trekking Through the Sahara, Circling Through Time
Entry 9: Lost in Translation?
Entry 10: B’salama Morocco

.Spring 2014: Eli Philip, Brandeis University

ProfilePic - Philip, EliEli studied in Rabat during the spring semester of his junior year at Brandeis University. Eli is a student at Brandeis University pursuing a degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Entry 1: Introducing Eli Philip
Entry 2: The Learning Train
Entry 3: Delicious Morocco
Entry 4: Surfing with the King
Entry 5: A Joke in the Desert
Entry 6: Broken Sidewalks
Entry 7: Jews of Morocco
Entry 8: The Weekly Souk
Entry 9: From the top of the Atlas

.Fall 2013: Connor Sims, Colorado State University

Blog Profile Picture - Sims, Connor smallerConnor studied in Rabat during the fall of his senior year at Colorado State University, where he is pursuing a degree in International Studies with a concentration in the Middle East / North Africa and a minor in Business Administration.

Entry 1: Introducing Connor Sims
Entry 2: Rabat at First Glance
Entry 3: Training with a Local Champion
Entry4: Zawiyat Ahnsal: Preserving the Past and Thriving in Modernity
Entry5: Aicha Ech-Channa and the Single Mothers of Casablanca
Entry 6: Top 10 Things to do While Studying Abroad in Rabat
Entry 7: Thoughts from the Stah
Entry 8: “Desert Music” and an Overnight Bus
Entry 9: The Holiday Season in Rabat
Entry 10: Coming Home and a Final Word

Spring 2013: Isabel Spence, Boston University

ispence headshot for mosaicIsabel joins us as a junior from Boston University majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Africa and the Middle East. She has always had a deep love of travel, and hopes to someday serve as a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State.

Entry 1: Introducing Isabel Spence
Entry 2: Settling In
Entry 3: Moroccan Food Culture
Entry 4: Fitting in Where you Clearly Stand Out
Entry 5: The Hammam and the Moroccan Body Image
Entry 6: The Portrait of the Moroccan
Entry 7: Ode to Hole-In-The-Wall
Entry 8: Morocco Then and Now (to me)
Entry 9: Environmental and Social Conditions in Morocco vs. America
Entry 10: Til Next Time: A Reflection


Spring 2013: Julie Fisher, American University

Photo for site - Julie FisherA junior at American University in Washington DC, Julie studied in France in the Fall of 2012 before heading south to join us across the Mediterranean in Morocco. She is pursuing an eclectic degree with a major in French and North African Studies and a minor in Physics. She is obsessed with gymnastics and hopes to showcase “life beyond the typical” in Rabat.

Entry 1: Introducing Julie Fisher
Entry 2: Welcome Home in Rabat!
Entry 3: They say the third time’s the charm. Does that apply to alphabets too?
Entry 4: A Snapshot of my Day
Entry 5: The Best Way to a Country’s Heart is through your Stomach
Entry 6: Adventure to Asilah
Entry 7: Women Changing Spaces
Entry 8: Moroccan Ink
Entry 9: Don’t be Surprised
Entry 10: Morocco’s Greatest Hits


Fall 2012: Douglas Tatz, Seton Hall University

Douglas attended AMIDEAST’s Fall 2012 program in Morocco as a sophomore at Seton Hall University. The eighth of ten children, Douglas’ hobbies include unicycling, backpacking, and travelling.

Entry 1: Introducing Douglas Tatz
Entry 2: Home Away from Home
Entry 3: Food Culture in Morocco
Entry 4: Free Time in Morocco
Entry 5: A brief consideration of cultural differences
Entry 6: No-so-hidden Gem of Morocco
Entry 7: Making Big Decisions
Entry 8: The Intricacies of Diversity
Entry 9: Morocco’s Medinas
Entry 10: Reflections on Morocco


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